I teach pilates (and if requested, a mix of pilates and yoga) in private tuition sessions. See the ‘Private tuition’ tab of this website for more information.

I also teach the Friday class at the Fingal Centre (maximum class size 14):

The Fingal Centre (at Portree High School) currently runs four Pilates classes a week, taught by a team of four teachers – Niki, Hazel, Neil and myself. Newcomers are welcome in all classes. Friday is intended to be a slightly less intensive class.

Mondays 6-7pm

Thursdays 6-7pm

Thursdays 7-8pm

Fridays 5.15-6.15pm

Teachers occasionally vary, because we cover each others’ classes when one of us is away.

Booking is essential and can be done by contacting the Fingal Centre up to 7 days in advance of the class.  The classes are popular and there is often a waiting list, so if you have booked and your plans change (even if it’s at the last minute!) please remember to call and cancel your booking, so someone else can take your place.

The Fingal Centre telephone numbers are 01478 614 819 and 01478 614 810.  Or you can email: fingal.centre@highlifehighland.com


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