During 2017, I am hosting a monthly meditation group in the yoga room in Borve. This is not a taught class and there is no charge for attending. Rather, it’s a small group of people who either practise meditation already or have an interest in doing so. We meet on the last Sunday evening of every month, at ‘8 for 8.15’. The meditation is from 8.15pm for 15 or 20 minutes max, followed by a cup of tea and chat for anyone who wishes to stay on for that. Newcomers are welcome – it’s a friendly and relaxed group of people who come when they’re able to, i.e. not everyone is there every month, depending on holidays, work commitments, etc. We take turns leading the session. This can be as simple as telling people it’s 8.15 and you will chime a bell at 8.35 to signal the end of session, and in between they can count their breaths or do whatever they please. Or you can share a technique, book, poem, etc. as you wish.

The remaining dates are Sundays 28/5, 25/6, 30/7, 27/8, 24/9, 29/10, 26/11 and 31/12. Please contact me if you’ve any questions or would like to come along to a session.


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