Weekly classes

Information about the four week summer block of classes is shown below. If you need more info or wish to book, please contact me.

‘General’ classes are for any level of experience. ‘Beginners’ is for those who are completely new to yoga or have been to fewer than 15 yoga classes. ‘Experienced’ is for those who have done some yoga and practise it at home, or have an interest in doing so. ‘Gentle’ is for people of any level of experience who would like to take things at a slightly slower pace than in a General class.

Booking: You can advance book classes by paying for them. Please check availability with me before sending booking payments. Your name will be entered on the class list of those booked in when your payment has been made.  If it suits you better not to book ahead, there are usually short notice places available, even in classes which have been fully booked. These ‘last minute’ spaces are posted on my public Facebook page (click on the link in the sidebar here, or google ‘Yoga in Borve’ to find it) the evening before and/or the morning of a class. You can contact me in the 24hrs before a class to reserve a short notice place then pay for it on arrival.

Please contact me if you’d like more information about how to pay/book.

Cancellations: If I have to cancel a class, I will notify everyone booked into it and offer them the choice of a refund or carrying the money over to a future class.  If you are not able to come to a class you have booked, you can give/sell your space to a friend (please inform me you’ve done so). Alternatively, if you give advance notice of non-attendance, I will advertise your space on my yoga facebook page and if another student takes your cancelled place, you’ll be refunded.  It is not possible to transfer bookings made for specific dates to other dates/classes.

Summer block timetable:

Each class is a four week course, and if you advance book all four sessions of that course, the block price is £30.  If you are advance booking two or more sessions out of that four week course, they cost £8 each. The cost for one-off sessions or pay-on-the-day ’24hr notice’ bookings is £8.50.  All classes are in the Borve yoga studio – email me for directions if you haven’t been here before. The maximum class size is six; if the prenatal yoga class runs, the maximum size for that will be five.


Yoga (General). Time: 3-4.30pm. Dates: 17/7, 24/7, 31/7, 7/8.  A general level class with minimal inclusion of poses which people with joint pain typically have to miss or modify (e.g. all fours, and weight-bearing on wrists/hands). One space available on 17/7 and one space on 24/7.

Yoga (Pregnancy). Time: 7.15-8.30pm. Dates: 17/7, 24/7, 31/7, 7/8. I’m happy to run a prenatal class if there are at least three women who can commit to advance booking the block – please email me to register your interest. If there’s not enough demand for this class during the school holidays, please remember I also do private tuition of prenatal yoga (I can teach one-to-one, couples, or small groups – see the Prenatal yoga and Private tuition tabs for more information).


Yoga (Experienced). Time: 5.30-7pm. Dates: 18/7, 25/7, 1/8, 8/8. A class for people who have been doing yoga for several years, who enjoy both going to classes and practising yoga at home. You should have fairly good self-awareness about body positioning and alignment, and be familiar with the most common yoga asana (poses) so you are able to move into asana with less detailed instruction than in a general class, and could occasionally choose your own asana (e.g. I might say, ‘move into the second side of Warrior 1 when you are ready, then follow it with your preferred symmetrical rest position’). One space available on 25/7 and one on 1/8.


Yoga (General). Time: 1.30-3pm. Dates: 19/7, 26/7, 2/8, 9/8. A general class for those who would like to try slightly more physically demanding sequences and asanas. You do not have to have lots of yoga experience, but you should not have health conditions or joint pain which could be exacerbated by doing flowing sequences or by holding poses for longer than in my regular general classes. One space available on 9/8.


Yoga (Gentle). Time: 1.30-3pm.  Dates: 20/7, 27/7, 3/8, 10/8. This class is a good choice for beginners or anyone with yoga experience who would like to take things a little more gently than in a general class, for any reason. Please note it is not a chair yoga class – we will be doing a normal range of asana (poses) from standing, seated, all fours, lying down, etc. There will be a little more time allowed for transitions between poses, as well as more time spent on warming up at the start of class and relaxation/breathing exercises at the end. One space available on 20/7 and one on 27/7.


Yoga (General).  Time: 1.30-3pm. Dates: 21/7, 28/7, 4/8, 11/8. One space on 21/7 and one on 28/7.

Pilates (General).  Time: 5.15-6.15pm.  Venue: Portree High School. Maximum class size 14. This class must be booked via the Fingal Centre (see the Pilates tab on this website for details).  It runs throughout the year.


I run weekend yoga sessions every month or so, exploring different aspects and styles of yoga. If you’d be interested in coming to these sessions or have requests or suggestions for future weekend workshops, please do get in touch.

Sunday 25th June. Time: 6.30-8pm (with option of staying on for a meditation/cup of tea afterwards). Venue: Borve. Cost: £8.50. This evening session will aim to ease the body and calm the mind – ready for a good night’s sleep, the week ahead, and if you wish, staying on for a short session of sitting meditation (at no extra charge). Please see the Meditation tab for more information on the monthly meditation group sessions. Fully booked.

What to expect, wear and bring:

Doors open 10 minutes before the start of class.  Please aim to be inside venues 5 minutes before the class start time, so you are settled and ready to begin with the rest of the class.

As with any exercise, it’s best not to do yoga on a full stomach.  Try not to eat for an hour or two before the class. Wear comfortable clothing such as a t-shirt and tracksuit bottoms or leggings.  Yoga is usually done in bare feet. Pilates can be done in bare feet or socks.  Your body will cool down during the relaxation at the end of class, so make sure to bring warm socks and a jumper too.

Mats, blocks and belts are provided in Borve classes, but you can use your own if you prefer.  For hall classes, bring a yoga mat and a soft blanket or travel rug.  The blanket can be used as a cover during relaxation and as a prop (to kneel or sit on) for some poses.  If you have other props you like to use such as a yoga belt and blocks, please bring them.  An eye pillow or eye mask is nice to have for the relaxation (but not essential, so don’t worry if you don’t have one!).  Some people also like to bring a small cushion to rest their head on during the relaxation.

If you are a beginner, you can borrow a yoga mat and blocks from me.  The mats I use in class are from Yoga Matters (and I also have some available to purchase). I’ve ordered yoga equipment from Yoga Matters, John Lewis , Yoga Bliss, Ruth White Yoga Products , the Yoga Shop UK and Yoga Mad and had good customer service and product quality from all these companies.

I take yoga seriously, but I also find it fun – and I think that’s reflected in the friendly and informal atmosphere of my classes. Each claside-plankss begins with a short period of settling in, then a series of warm-up exercises.  After that we do yoga poses (asana).  Every week has a slightly different theme: for example, we may focus on a particular area of the body (such as the muscles of the hips) or family of poses (such as twists).  All yoga classes end with a period of relaxation, which may include time for some breathing exercises (pranayama).

To book a place in a class, or if you have any further questions, please get in touch – click on the ‘Contact me’ tab above for options.

Other classes:

Meg Miller teaches Satyananda yoga classes in Broadford and Sleat.  She also organises workshops.  See her website for details:  www.skyeyoga.com.

Sara Paget teaches in Waternish.  She offers one-to-one sessions as well as small classes.  See her website for details: www.skye-yoga-holidays.co.uk

Gareth and Iona Craft teach in Glendale and Edinbane. See their website for details: http://www.yogacraft.co.uk/


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