About Catherine

I have been doing yoga for most of my life. When I was a little girl, I tried to do the poses from the yoga book my dad used.  In my secondary school, there was a yoga club for a year or two, and I went to that. I hurt my back when I was 17, working on an archaeological dig in Greece.  When I got home, my back was still bothering me.  Liz Ballantyne, a colleague who was also a yoga teacher, recommended I tried yoga at the Edinburgh Iyengar Yoga Centre.

I continued to go to yoga classes throughout my twenties and thirties.  In my 30s, I also started going on week-long yoga retreats every year or two. CatherineOver the years, I noticed my back was fine as long as I was doing regular yoga, but started playing up if I wasn’t going to a yoga class most weeks.  I could also see that yoga helped me feel calmer and better able to cope with busy and stressful times.  In my late 30s, I started practising yoga regularly at home as well as going to classes.

I began training with Yoga Scotland in 2011.  Yoga Scotland has been established for 40 years and is recognised by sportscotland as the Governing Body for Yoga in Scotland.  I completed their one year (60 hour) Foundation Course in June 2012 and their two year (500+ hours) Teacher Training Course in June 2014.  I qualified as a Pilates teacher (via High Life Highland) in May 2014.  You can find out more about my Pilates Union qualification here.  In 2016, I completed the British Wheel of Yoga‘s ‘Yoga for Pregnancy’ module, during which I was trained and assessed by the course’s founder, experienced yoga teacher and midwife Judy Cameron.

I have been a teacher for more than 20 years.  I have a Professional Certificate in University Teaching and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Primary).  I taught adults at the Universities of Aberdeen and Edinburgh and I’ve taught in schools since 2002, mainly here on the Isle of Skye.  I also have an ITEC Diploma in Anatomy, Physiology and Full Body Massage.  Although I don’t currently offer massage appointments, my training as a massage therapist definitely informs and complements my yoga teaching. I love teaching and I love yoga.  I believe that yoga is for everyone.  I am not a naturally flexible person myself.  I have mild scoliosis (a curve in my spine), lopsided hips and an extra cervical rib…I hate to think what state I’d be in by now if I didn’t do yoga!  I often hear people say ‘I’d really like to try yoga, but I can’t because… I’m stiff / I’m not flexible / I’m overweight / I’m not fit / I’m old / I’m too busy / I’m no good at balancing / I’d find it hard to relax…’ etc.  Of course there are super-bendy, young, slim people who do yoga – but most of us are not like that and we can do yoga too!  In fact, the more achy, stiff and stressed you feel, the more you might benefit from yoga.  Click on the ‘About Yoga’ page to learn more…

bridge on the bridge

Yoga (in the garden) in Borve



  1. Hi Catherine
    I found your web page quite inspiring. Thank you.
    I only started yoga, at 60, last autumn. Better late than never! I’d always meant to try but had been put off by the mystique that seems to attach to it and an assumption that it worked best if you were thin and bendy or looked and thought like Ghandi. However, while I had avoided it, it finally came to me when classes started in the local community centre, a five minute walk away. This is significant as I live in a very rural area, 3 miles from a bus stop! I liked the teacher. I think this is quite important. She gives clear explanations and demonstrations and checks what we are doing. She is a yoga Scotland teacher like you.
    Your approach sounds great- and if I lived on Skye I’d want to come to your classes.
    Best wishes for them.

    • Thank you for your comments. It was a big step for me to put personal information and photos on the internet, so I do appreciate you taking the time to send me some positive feedback 🙂
      You are right, it’s very important to find a teacher whose personality and style you are comfy with. There are so many aspects to yoga and different approaches to teaching that I always encourage people not to decide “yoga’s not for me” after only going to one class/teacher. If you look around you’re bound to find a type of yoga and a teacher just right for you. Personally I enjoy having a regular class/teacher (I have gone to the same class for about 8 years) and also taking the opportunity to go to other classes or workshops when I can.
      I hope you continue to enjoy your yoga practice. It’s certainly never too late to start. My dad did a bit of yoga in the 1970s but only really took it up at the start of this year (he’s now in his 70s) and feels very much better for it!

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