Posted by: Yoga in Borve | July 7, 2018

From ‘Yoga in Borve’ to ‘Catherine McCabe Yoga’

Borve is a great place to live and we have been very happy here. I also love doing yoga in Borve – I still have to pinch myself that I have such a fantastic home studio, after so many years of living in places with barely enough room to roll out a yoga mat and no space to do ‘Legs up the wall’ . My Borve studio is a great size – it doesn’t feel too big for only one or two to practise in, but can hold a class of up to six adults comfortably. Nevertheless, we’re going to be moving on in the not-so-distant future, so it’s time to move online too. Read on to find out why and where…

standing stones

Our lovely wee Borve standing stones, with Ben Tianavaig and the Red Cuillin behind.

The name ‘Yoga in Borve’ came about during a somewhat jokey conversation with my husband, Steve, in 2013. Midway through the very thorough Yoga Scotland teacher training course, I had been given a major homework assignment which required us to set up, market and lesson plan for a course of at least six yoga classes. Despite my many years of yoga and other attempts to become more laidback, I’m still a bit of a perfectionist. So even though I was at this stage completely unsure whether I’d ever teach yoga, at all, beyond the course requirements, I decided that rather than simply sellotaping up a few flyers around the community, I wanted to learn how to set up a website and Facebook business page. But what to call it? Steve suggested ‘Skye Yoga’ and I pointed out firstly, several other teachers on Skye used some variation of that, and secondly, none of them actually taught all over Skye, but only in one small part of it. And I wouldn’t be teaching all over Skye either (not only perfectionist, but a bit literal-minded too). He asked “what will you be doing, then?” and I said “I’ll be doing yoga in Borve. Mainly on my own”. Steve replied “call it ‘Yoga in Borve’ then”. I laughed, then decided that would do just fine.

Since then I’ve taught yoga in Borve, Portree, Braes, Edinbane, Kilmuir, Raasay, Waternish, Polmont, Glasgow…and I also discovered there were actually other yoga teachers in other Hebridean Borves. Because I was doing the initial set-up as a homework assignment, and was a complete newbie to self-employment, it hadn’t even occurred to me to google ‘yoga in borve’ before creating my website and Facebook page. So, over the last 5 years I’ve intermittently thought that I should really rename everything to make it less location specific. But of course, the existing website and business page were ticking along nicely, everyone local knew how to get hold of me, and all my business cards, gift certificates and flyers were printed up with ‘Yoga in Borve’.

Now, although we love our home and life in Borve, for various positive reasons it is time for a change. Steve starts work in Inverness in October and we hope we’ll be moving later this year to a smaller house, in Nairn. Our beautiful yoga studio, home and garden in Borve is on the market and at some point in the next year, I plan to begin teaching on the east coast. While we have the house/studio here, I’ll continue to teach here. And even when we’ve made the move more permanently, I’ll be back on Skye regularly to visit family and friends and I aim to continue offer some yoga and pilates teaching, hopefully also in the form of joint events with friends/colleagues, when I’m on Skye.

I’ve set up a new email address, Facebook page and website under the name ‘Catherine McCabe Yoga’ and will be switching over to these this summer. For the time being, apart from creating a new Data Protection page in line with the new legislation which came into force in May 2018,  I’ve more or less copied everything relevant from this website across to the new one. There will of course be more changes and updates made to it in future, once we’ve moved. You will find the August timetable on the new site here:

I’d like to encourage everyone who wants to know when I’ll be teaching on Skye in future to follow the new website. If you’re reading this on a computer, all you have to do is go to my new website then look for the bit on the sidebar which says FOLLOW BLOG VIA EMAIL, then follow the simple instructions. If you’re viewing on a phone, it will probably only say ‘follow’ at the bottom of your screen.

If you follow the website, you’ll receive an email notification of new posts. You definitely won’t be deluged with emails, as I generally only write one post every month or so. Of course, you also have access to the blog post archives which contain lots of info including book reviews, home practice tips, yoga mat reviews, etc. An easy way to search for these is to use the ‘Tags’ cloud – again, you’ll see this on the sidebar on a computer and at the foot of the screen on your phone. All you do is click on a word or phrase in the cloud – e.g. ‘back pain’ or ‘meditation’ – and all past posts dealing with that subject will come up.

I’ll be using the Catherine McCabe Yoga facebook page in the same way as I’ve used the Yoga in Borve one – for sharing up to date class info, useful resources, information about other yoga/pilates classes, etc. Accompanied by local landscape photos, some greyhound portraits and the very occasional selfie… If you’re a Facebook user, please do follow/like/share the page. If you’re NOT a Facebook user, please remember that you can still access the information on it, because it’s a public page. You just won’t be able to comment on it if you’re not registered with Facebook (but you are of course welcome to comment directly to me, via email). I have several regulars here on Skye who don’t themselves use Facebook, but they visit my Facebook page every week or two, to check for any resources or information useful to them.

I am not closing the Yoga in Borve email address, Facebook page and website, but over the next few weeks, they will cease to be active, as everyone gradually finds their way to the new ones.

Many thanks for supporting ‘Yoga in Borve’ over the last five years, and I hope to continue to see you via ‘Catherine McCabe Yoga’ in the years to come.


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