Posted by: Yoga in Borve | October 22, 2017

Yoga for Men

Over the last year or so, I’ve had a lot of guys (or their wives/partners) saying to me they’d like to try yoga but aren’t totally comfy with being perhaps the only man in the class. While all my classes are open to adults of any age and gender – and I think we’re a welcoming bunch – I can understand that. When I imagine how I’d feel, never having played shinty and knowing almost nothing about it, if I went along to a shinty coaching session where I was the only woman and everyone else there were men who’d played shinty before… it would be a bit daunting.

I’d love to see more men on Skye doing yoga & pilates – both are of benefit to people, not just women. Of course, up until relatively recently in India, the original home of yoga, it was done mainly by men – and Joseph Pilates developed many of his methods from the yoga he did as a teenager! Yoga develops strength, balance, co-ordination and flexibility. Sound research evidence demonstrates a range of benefits from regular yoga practice over several months, such as reducing back pain and improving mood/managing stress. You start from where you are – wherever that is on the spectrum from couch potato to athlete*! – and practise at the right pace for yourself.

I decided to offer some ‘yoga for men’ classes this winter. I sent an email to some people I could remember expressing interest, who I actually had contact details for. To my surprise and delight, the first option – a Monday evening class – was fully booked in no time, before I’d even ‘advertised’ it in any way.  So, if there are other guys out there who would also like the chance to give a men’s yoga class a go, I could put on a second block of four classes. These would be 4-5.15pm on Sundays 19/11, 26/11, 3/12 and 10/12. The classes would be in the yoga room here in Borve, with a maximum of five men in the group. All mats and other equipment would be provided by me, though you can bring your own if you have it and prefer to use it.  The cost would be £30 if advance booking the whole block, £8.50 if booking an individual class.
Complete beginners are welcome, as are those with any amount or type of yoga experience. It would also be good to have men in the group who have done yoga previously in mixed gender classes (whether mine or other teachers).
Spread the word to any men you think might be interested… And please get in touch as soon as possible if you’d like me to run the Sunday men’s yoga sessions. Thank you!
*Yoga is an element in the training regimes of many football teams and other athletes – here are just a few links as examples:


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