Posted by: Yoga in Borve | October 1, 2017

Pilates Pop-up

I’ve been missing the chance to go along to someone else’s Pilates class regularly – I think I managed to get to Nikki’s Thursday class once in August, and before that the last class I was at was in Nairn in May! So last week, I vowed I’d at least do a regular Pilates session myself each weekend (I do a lot of yoga at home, including some strengthening moves which feature in both yoga and Pilates, but I don’t tend to run through a whole Pilates class plan as my personal practice).

Today was a horrible day – wet, windy, dark – and I spent much of it reading and working at the computer.

At six o’clock, I put on some music in the studio and worked through next Friday’s Fingal Centre pilates lesson plan. By the end of the session I felt approximately 10 times more cheerful and energetic! It was so much fun I’ve decided to do that for the next three Sunday evenings, and invite you to join me too.

SO – cheer up these dark autumn evenings by dropping in to my spur of the moment ‘Pop-up Pilates’ sessions on:

  • Sundays 8th, 15th and 22nd October.
  • 6-7pm in the Borve studio (email me for directions if you’ve not been here before).
  • A bargainous £6, because…
  • …you need to bring your own mat (and blanket, if you like extra padding), and…
  • …I will be doing the session alongside you. So I will be teaching – giving technique instructions, etc. – but I will not be watching over you in a hawk-like way, like I do with the Friday class!
  • For that reason, this session isn’t suitable for complete beginners.
  • Suitable for anyone who has done a bit of yoga and/or pilates already, and doesn’t currently have any serious injuries or health conditions.
  • We’ll be running through the class plan I’ll be using the following Friday. In a small group, that may take less than an hour – if so, there will be time to practise and/or get individual feedback on any Pilates exercises or techniques you’d like to ask about.
  • Drop-in, no need to book – the back door will be unlocked at 5.55pm and I’ll be there doing Pilates from 6pm.

Come along, and banish the “aye, the nights are fair drawing in” blues! Catherine x



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