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Summer timetable

For classes in July & August, please also see the Weekly classes section which summarises the timetable info below and indicates current space availability. 

In past years, I’ve not run weekly classes during the school summer holidays. But! Last summer there was considerable demand for ongoing sessions from the regulars who were here and wanting to come to a weekly class. Because of this, and also because I’m away a lot this year during late June/early July, I’m offering a four week block of Borve summer classes this year. Private tuition is available all year round.


Each class is a four week course, and if you advance book all four sessions of that course, the block price is £30.  If you are advance booking two or more sessions out of that four week course, they cost £8 each.

The cost for one-off sessions or pay-on-the-day ’24hr notice’ bookings is £8.50.

All classes are in the Borve yoga studio – please email me for directions if you haven’t been here before. The maximum class size is six; if the prenatal yoga class runs, the maximum size for that will be five.

As you can see, there are changes to times as well as venues – and I’ve taken the opportunity of class sizes being smaller to offer more specialised options. If you are unsure whether a class will be suitable for you and would like my opinion/advice, please email me.


Yoga (General). Time: 3-4.30pm. Dates: 17/7, 24/7, 31/7, 7/8. This class is intended primarily for those who currently come to my general classes and have some joint pain – this is most commonly in wrists, hands or knees (but those with other affected joints such as feet, hip, spine, etc. – or no joint pain at all! – are also welcome to join this class). So this will be a general class but will have minimal inclusion of the poses which people with joint pain typically have to miss or modify (e.g. all fours, and weight-bearing on wrists/hands).

Yoga (Pregnancy). Time: 7.15-8.30pm. Dates: 17/7, 24/7, 31/7, 7/8. I’m not sure if there will be enough pregnant ladies around to make up a class! But I’m happy to run one if there are at least three who can commit to advance booking the block. If there’s not enough demand for this during the school holidays, please remember I also do private tuition of prenatal yoga (I can teach one-to-one, couples, or small groups – see the Prenatal yoga and Private tuition tabs for more information).


Yoga (Experienced). Time: 5.30-7pm. Dates: 18/7, 25/7, 1/8, 8/8. A class for people who have been doing yoga for several years, who enjoy both going to classes and practising yoga at home. You certainly don’t have to be super-flexible to come to this class. You do, however, need to have fairly good self-awareness about body positioning and alignment, and be familiar with the most common yoga asana (poses) so you are able to move into asana with less detailed instruction than in a general class, and could occasionally choose your own asana (e.g. I might say, ‘move into the second side of Warrior 1 when you are ready, then follow it by resting in any symmetrical position’ or ‘finish with a balance pose you want to do tonight – Tree, Eagle, New Moon, Warrior 3 or any other of your preference’).


Yoga (General). Time: 1.30-3pm. Dates: 19/7, 26/7, 2/8, 9/8. A general class for those who would like to try slightly more physically demanding sequences and asanas. You do not have to have lots of yoga experience, but you should not have health conditions or joint pain which could be exacerbated by doing flowing sequences or by holding poses for longer than in my regular general classes.


Yoga (Gentle). Time: 1.30-3pm.  Dates: 20/7, 27/7, 3/8, 10/8. This class is a good choice for beginners or anyone with yoga experience who would like to take things a little more gently than in a general class, for any reason. Please note it is not a chair yoga class – we will be doing a normal range of asana (poses) from standing, seated, all fours, lying down, etc. There will be a little more time allowed for transitions between poses, as well as more time spent on warming up at the start of class and relaxation/breathing exercises at the end.

Fridaysbridge on the bridge

Yoga (General).  Time: 1.30-3pm. Dates: 21/7, 28/7, 4/8, 11/8. A standard general class, i.e. anyone, with any level of experience from beginners onwards, is welcome.

Pilates (General).  Time: 5.15-6.15pm.  Venue: Portree High School. Maximum class size 14. This class must be booked via the Fingal Centre (see the Pilates tab on this website for details).  It runs throughout the year.


I run weekend yoga sessions every month or so, exploring different aspects and styles of yoga. If you’d be interested in coming to these sessions or have requests or suggestions for future weekend workshops, please do get in touch.

Sundays 28th May and 25th June. Time: 6.30-8pm (with option of staying on for a meditation/cup of tea afterwards from 8.15-8.30pm-ish). Venue: Borve. Cost: £8.50 per session, or £15 if booking both sessions. These evening sessions will aim to ease the body and calm the mind – ready for a good night’s sleep, the week ahead, and if you wish, staying on for a short session of sitting meditation (at no extra charge). Please see the Meditation tab for more information on the monthly meditation group sessions, if you’d like to stay on for this after the yoga session finishes at 8pm.

For all these classes please follow the normal booking procedures, which can be found at the top of the ‘Weekly classes’ section of this website.


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