Posted by: Yoga in Borve | September 30, 2014

Now with added blog posts

I started the ‘Yoga in Borve’ WordPress site with the intention of providing fixed information pages for anyone living in the local community who wanted to find out more about me and my yoga classes.  As it turns out, the site is often also used by people who are coming to Skye for a few weeks and want to fit in some yoga classes while they are here.

I checked my WordPress stats while writing this wee post, and was astonished to find there have been 936 views of the ‘Weekly classes’ page in the last year!  The site has certainly been a useful (as well as free and easily managed) way of keeping people up-to-date with when and where I’m teaching.

Now I’ve been teaching yoga for over a year, I’m finding there are several questions asked frequently by people who come to my classes.  For example, ‘what’s a good yoga mat to buy?’ …or ‘can you recommend an easy-to-follow book of yoga routines I can use at home?’ …or ‘what do you think is the best Yoga Nidra CD?’ …or ‘what can I do between classes to help my back?’

So, I thought I’d set up a new section for blog posts covering FAQs and anything else which might be of interest.  If there are any yoga-related topics you’d like me to write on, please leave suggestions in the comments box below.

And please do continue to click on the tabs above to read the fixed info pages!


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